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Why Us

Not all organisations have the luxury of having staff trained and then using their employees newly found knowledge to develop solutions and processes. Sometimes, solutions extend far beyond the scope of any practical course content. In addition, staff are often expected to meet deadlines and don't have the time or skills to develop a solution. Whatever the reason, Arete will implement decades of knowledge, skills and experience to provide a custom solution to meet your desired output.

With a custom Microsoft Office solution, minimal user training is required as people are familiar with the ‘front end’ and as you already have purchased and installed the software there is no additional expensive software, licences or hardware to buy. Thus user acceptance and roll out of the solution is made infinitely easier. We have developed solutions for so many different uses across so many different industries and sectors. We have encountered so many different examples of the varied and flexible solutions that Microsoft Office applications can offer and can be customised for. We use this knowledge and experience to offer the best solution for you in terms of time and cost saving.

Arete Document Solutions Limited can help your business, whatever its size, develop solutions for Microsoft® Office to automate administrative tasks, integrate Office applications with other Office or third-party applications to improve work flow, or develop industry specific solutions tailored to your organisational structure and business objectives. We have successfully developed Office applications for numerous clients including Estate Agents, Construction companies, the list goes on. Sometimes it's difficult to see exactly what is causing delays or where improvements can be made. Often there is no solution, so the best solution is to make do. Organising the office is seen as a pipe dream, or better yet, a "we'll get round to it" that never happens.

All businesses regardless of size or industry face the same document issues. Any business can benefit from the productivity efficiencies and cost savings that can be gained from implementing the solutions that can be provided by Arete.

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Arete can make it easier:

  • Launching new documents.
  • Using documents.
  • Version control of documents.
  • Saving files in the right place with a consistent naming convention and folder structure.
  • Finding files on your system.
  • Using keywords to classify documents for invaluable filing and retrieval.
  • Setting document revision and status (draft/final).
  • Immediate access to company knowledge such as templates and reference material in any format.
  • ...and much more.