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Business Intelligence Solutions

Do you want to have the ability to make better decisions using dynamically updated information from a variety of sources such as personnel data, sales and marketing figures, customer databases and any other data that is critical to your business? Look no further; Arete Document Solutions Limited are an expert developer and consultant of Business Intelligence Solutions.

Arete Document Solutions Limited, has the expertise to design, develop and implement a first-class Business Intelligence (BI) solution and share critical information across your entire organisation. With advancements in self-service BI solutions, users are now able to extract and analyse critical business data using familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft SharePoint. Users can build custom reports and dashboards without technical assistance and publish this information for other users. Using new tools such as PowerPivot and Power Query for Microsoft Excel and Report Builder, users are enabled to leverage the benefits of a Business Intelligence solution.

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Arete Document Solutions Limited integrate data from multiple data sources allowing your organisation to get a holistic view of its data and performance. You can then manage this information and maintain the most up-to-date version of the data dynamically, so users are always working with the most recent data. Whether your business wants to analyse sales, financial, or operational performance data, or a combination of these, Arete Document Solutions Limited can enable BI for your organisation. We not only have the technical developer expertise to implement your BI or data mining solution, but also the real world business experience to assist you in enabling your business users to successfully leverage your BI solution. A properly designed and executed BI solution can benefit firms through better organisational decision making, increased revenue opportunities and decreased operating costs. Whether you need to create a BI infrastructure, or enhance existing capabilities, we can assist you with your project. We assist clients in creating data stores, constructing the necessary analytical framework, and delivering the reporting solution that will allow your firm to capitalise on the value of its data. We are committed to providing quality, innovative BI solutions within budget and on time to allow your organisation to operate more profitably and competitively.

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