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Microsoft Word Expert

Arete Document Solutions Limited has a prolific reputation as a Microsoft Word Expert.

Without templates, Microsoft Word document authors in your business have little choice but to create every new Word document from nothing, or copy and modify an existing document. Creating a new Microsoft Word document from nothing requires significant effort just to ensure that the correct branding, styles, and messages are used - and that's before the actual content is considered. Copying and modifying existing Word documents creates significant risks, including inaccuracy which at worst can expose your business to legal and financial repercussions.

You might also have software applications that create Microsoft Word documents without templates, and carry the document's formatting and content embedded in their source code. Your business can't respond to regulatory and market changes in a timely manner if changes to your Word documents are restricted by long development and maintenance time frames. Templates are based on a 'simple' concept: the template is a model of the type of MS Word document you want to create, and usually incorporates placeholders where data is added - names, addresses, dates, in fact an infinite variety to create the document. Merge the template with the data, save the result, and your new Word document is ready. In practice, templates are rarely 'simple' but the concept still applies. Basically, whether you use it every day, every week, every month or once in a while, we’ll create a template for it that will seriously cut down the time you spend at the keyboard. Not only that, if you’ve got a major branding or rebranding project, our Microsoft Word Experts can work with you, and the design agency, so that the new brand is implemented on schedule by every department and every member of staff.

With our interactive professional Microsoft Word templates, your brand will look the way it should look, efficiency and workflow will increase, there will be less file and document corruption, and your staff can focus on their real jobs. Our MS Word templates contain all that fiddly formatting built in along with other features that leverage the power of Word. With no more than a basic knowledge of Word, you can build long, complex documents with ease, and execute even the most exacting professional branding and formatting specs with a few mouse-clicks.

Templates can contain some or all of the following:

  • Ability to insert and format tables, charts, title pages and tables of contents.
  • Change from portrait to landscape without making headers and footers jump off the page.
  • Interactive and printed forms, or documents with auto-updating numbered section heads and footers.
  • Brand-matched colour selection, side bars, dividers, pull quotes, images and logos?
  • And all of the above accessible from your own user interface.

Template and Document Repair Service

Got a Microsoft Word document that just won't behave? We are the experts, and we are here to provide Microsoft Word help. We can quickly format documents and fix documents, because we've seen it all.

Is this your document?

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  • Document footers or headers gone astray?
  • Table of contents or fields not working?
  • Problems with multiple authors working on a document?
  • Strange errors appearing in the document?
  • Styles have all changed, e.g. font or size?
  • Bullets or numbering have fallen off paragraphs?
  • Can't get tables to fit data correctly?
  • Having problems with alignment?
  • Advanced Word features are not working?

Your time is too valuable to spend on trivial issues that can take hours to fix. Let us do it for you. Email a problem document to us; we’ll review the document, fix the problem, identify the cause, email it back to you and explain what happened as well as advise how to best prevent it happening again in future. Let us assist with formatting reports or other documents that have submission deadlines. This means your authors can concentrate on the content and leave the formatting hassles to us.

For further information on our Microsoft Word services please Contact Us.